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Ground Rules

In my opinion, anyone thinking about getting a cat should understand that they are going to be responsible for a living creature for a long time. There are several factors that are important to keep in mind:


 1.The average lifespan of a cat is 15 years – that's a long time, and cats suffer greatly when they are disowned. That's why you should only get a cat as a pet if you are certain that you are willing and able to care for it to the end.


 2.Cats trust their owners. They are very adept at detecting mood swings, anger and other emotions, so it's important to convey to them that they are not the source of your discontent.


 3.Keep in mind that you are the animal's principal carer. Always make sure to give it enough love and attention.


 4.Cats have excellent memory, and they don't forget things easily.


 5.Talk to your cat; it shows that you acknowledge and appreciate it.


 6.Never use violence against your cat.


 7.A cat has a mind of its own, which means that it won't always do as you say.


 8.You'll need to take care of the animal in its old age. An old cat needs more care and attention than a young one.


 9.Always stand by your cat. When it's time to visit the vet, take your cat there yourself; it won't trust strangers easily.

10.A cat will only hear what it choses to hear




These ground rules may seem obvious to most cat lovers, but unfortunately they are too often ignored by less experienced owners. Following these simple rules greatly improves the relationship between a cat and its owner.

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